A bit more about Freddy

Hello! My name is Freddy Pech, I’m a Senior Visual and Digital Designer from Los Angeles, California. As someone who has worked in graphic design and digital marketing for over a decade, I have the skills and experience necessary to directly impact your company’s growth and development. I also have a talent for utilizing my resources in the most efficient way possible to help my clients decrease their operating costs and save money in their marketing and branding budgets.

In my time as a Creative Lead, Art Director, and Designer, I’ve worked with a wide variety of organizations, from political initiatives to product-oriented businesses. Since I have experience running branding campaigns for a diverse group of organizations, I’m able to tailor my services to the needs of the company or organization. I’m a highly creative, vision-driven designer, and I’m passionate about helping businesses build a brand that represents their values and their work.

Additionally, I’m an excellent project manager with a wide variety of skills ranging from client relationship management and stakeholder engagement to brand management and social media marketing. I’m known in the industry for leading brand development efforts and for helping companies and organizations transform their brand.

Feel free to take a look at some of my work and contact me if you’re interested in working together!